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Acupuncture for pain relief

Acupuncture is an ancient art. It is a medicine that helps the body to regulate the flow of life force energy or qi (pronounced with a hard or soft “q” like kiwi or cheese). Qi becomes blocked if there is injury to the tissues. This blockage causes imbalances like heat, coldness, swelling, that lead to further pain and potentially more damage to tissues.

How Does Acupuncture Relieve Pain?

In short, the treatment opens up the pathways that qi travels in to free up the flow. Think of a kinked hose unkinking or the needles as turning on the faucet for an irrigation system. Health returns with this rebalancing.

What Kinds of Ailments does Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture treats muscles, tendons, joints, fascia, organs, and energy systems.

Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, headaches, migraines, TMJ pain, arm/wrist/hand and leg/knee/feet pains are all treated. Arthritis, bone breaks and sprains, recovery after operations are the kinds of things acupuncture can be useful for.

You can bring any malady you bring to a doctor to an acupuncturist—the approach is different and can nicely complement allopathic treatments.

Do the Needles Hurt?

Small hairlike needles are placed to relieve pain and speed healing. These needles are not like the large hollow ones used for injections. I am a particularly gentle acupuncturist and if you let me know that you are concerned about the needles, I can almost guarantee easy placements.

Acupressure—-using hand pressure where needles might go—-is another very effective way to experience pain relief.

Other Medicinal Gifts Offered

Acupuncture, using needles, is one branch of the medicinal gifts offered by East Asian Medicine. Here are a few other gifts that are extremely useful and aid in a speedy recovery time.

*acupressure, shiatsu and tui na are hands on massage techniques to release stuck tissue

*herbs and nutrition from essential oils to herbs, the plant kingdom offers a cornucopia of beneficial compounds. we can design a plan to fit your unique situation. a warming herb in the artemisia daisy family called moxibustion does a wonderful job with injury recovery.

*cupping is a method of using small cups to lift up the tissues to promote greater circulation. remember much of healing has to do with flow.

*lifestyle changes offer the possibility to get at the root cause of disease with something you can do at home. We can discuss your current habits to see if there are different ways to support your well being.

*mindfulness, qi gong, breathing and yogic arts are regular parts of a session. these too can be done at home. people often find great benefit in the relaxation response these processes promote within the mind-body-spirit axis.


Therapeutic massage offers another way to speed healing. And sometimes we just need the hour of power that healing touch brings. Sessions can be focused on a particular injury or aimed at generalized wellness. Cranial-sacral and visceral manipulations are employed when necessary.


There are times when therapeutic talking can be of great assistance to people. Most people feel stuck or stressed at times in life. If you have a short term focused concern, we can discuss ways to implement greater sovereignty, vitality and freedom in your life.  

Kathleen enjoys working with adult individuals experiencing general depression (a calling home), anxiety, grief and loss, aging or illness related concerns.  Kathleen has also participated in end of life counseling for individuals who are terminally ill as well as assisting the beraved in grief and loss counseling. 

Mindfulness meditation, spirituality, and branches of yoga like asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra, laughter yoga and breathing are aspects of building a healthier life.


Astrology offers insight into possibilities for your growth and development. This is different from newspaper astrology. Drawn with the specifics of your birth time and place, your chart is like a thumbprint. It illuminates archetypal patterns of strengths and challenges.

With full consciousness, you may make more wholistic choices about your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Astrology is done to increase awareness and therefore to increase the potential for personal freedom.


Support for becoming a vegan, a whole foods plant based eater, for losing weight or for becoming healthier is available. Intermittent fasting, juice fasting or water fasting provide significant benefits.

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